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Article on Range from Worcester Telegram

This is from article on August 6th, 2015. The Author is Nick Kotsopoulos.

By Nick Kotsopoulos
Telegram & Gazette Staff

August 06. 2015 1:56PM

Worcester gun store gets OK to open shooting range

The License Commission Thursday granted the business a shooting gallery license for the operation of a 10-lane indoor shooting range there.

The commission approved the license, which has 24 conditions attached to it, after reviewing security plans for the facility.

Commissioner Walter Shea said he was “very impressed” with the proposed layout of the building and the security plans for it.

He said the facility will be designed and soundproofed in such a way that people on the outside will not be able to hear noise generated from inside the building.

Mr. Shea added that he was also pleased to see that a system will be in place to collect and remove used lead projectiles and then having that material recycled.

He also praised the owner for making a blighted building an improvement for the neighborhood.

Karon Shea, commission chairwoman, said security will be in place to monitor activity in just about very corner of the building.

“You have taken every significant step you can think of to make it safe,” she said.

No one spoke against the license before the License Commission voted on it.

The Gun Parlor operates as a retail gun store at 210 Summer St.; it does not include an indoor shooting range.

The business is being forced to relocate because the lease for the building where it has operated the past three years is not being renewed. The building is slated for demolition as part of a plan to build a new hotel in the Washington Square area.

Justin Gabriel, owner of The Gun Parlor, has purchased a 10,000-squre-foot building at 170 Prescott St., the former Greg’s Packing warehouse, where he intends to invest about $1.5 million to convert it into a gun store and indoor shooting range.

The site is abutted by Interstate 290 and railroad tracks to the rear, Rural Cemetery across the street and other businesses to its immediate north and south. The closest homes are 360 feet north of the property line and 450 feet from the building itself.

The Zoning Board of Appeals opened the door for the operation of a retail gun store and indoor shooting range at the Prescott Street location when it granted two special permits for it in June.

At the new location, Mr. Gabriel will also be allowed to sell motorcycles – something he has been doing at his current site.

As part of his approval, the zoning board included a condition that if the owner should ever have his license to operate revoked, the special permits would be revoked as well.

Use of the gun range will be restricted to members only and they must have a valid firearms identification card.

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Hickok45 Reviews at the 1976 Colt Trooper MK III

We recently sent Hickok45 a Colt Trooper revolver for him to review and let loose on the range. We are thrilled to continue support Hickok45 in 2015 and were fortunate to have lunch with Hickok45 and John at SHOT Show 2015.  John and Hickok45 are genuine and extremely passionate about making informative, fun videos that we have all come to know and love.

Stay tuned for more videos, reviews and information regarding Hickok45 and The Gun Parlor!



Judge Vs Governor

As many of you know, we are happy to Support Hickok45’s channel and everything he does for the sport. We recently sent him a Smith and Wesson Governor so he could do a comparison video with the Taurus Judge. If you have been considering one or the other, this video will be quite informative.

The Gun Parlor is proud to support Hickok45

If you spend anytime on youtube researching firearms, you surely know of Hickok45’s channel. With a home range in Tennessee that is the envy to virtually all, and his thorough reviews

Target the great Hickok45 used sent us from the RIA 9mm 1911 shoot

of a variety of firearms, one can understand why he has nearly 1.2 million subscribers to his Youtube Channel.

Everyone in the shop are huge fans of Hickok’s work and often will tell people check his video on a particular gun they may be interested to get the perspective from someone that h

as a significant amount of experience with firearms.

We wanted to take an opportunity to show some support to Hickok45 to thank him for all the does for the firearms community. I reached out to him via Youtube messaging service a little over a month ago asking him if there was anything he had been itching to review but hadn’t been able to find yet. He promptly wrote back thanking me for the support and said he was interested in the getting his hands on a Rock Island Armory 1911. Justin made a few calls to told me that we could have a Tactical within the next two days. We sent Hickok45 a care package in appreciation of his passion and support of the community.

On June 18th we were thrilled to see the RIA 1911 review go live on his channel. The Rock Island Armory 9mm 1911 is an excellent economy 1911 and watch the video below to see Hickok45 do his thing.

Don’t be too hard on him in the comments when he mispronounces Worcester… lol

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Simple concealed carry preferences you should consider

This month, The Gun Parlor is happy to have Carlos Mojica from contribute as a Guest Blogger on the Official The Gun Parlor Blog! Carlos is an avid enthusiast from Michigan and we are thrilled to have him as a contributor to our Blog.

OWB Paddle Kydex vs. IWB Leather

Simple concealed carry preferences you should consider

When I decided to invest in my family and personal protection, I chose a firearm to use as a tool of defense.  I wanted to have a tool that would aid in disabling a threat quickly with the most amount of force available.  

That is why I chose to carry a gun with the intentions of carrying it concealed.   But the question I contemplated was how should I carry? How do I make it comfortable enough for my every day carry?

Due to my office environment, I wear a suit every day.  Even if I wasn’t in my office attire, I needed a comfortable carry position that gave me access to draw efficiently.

Here are some concealed carry preferences I considered.  Hopefully my insight helps you in your future decisions.

IWB leather holsters

1st consideration – holster type

From my experience, Inside the Waist Band (IWB) offers the best concealment.  Due to my daily required attire, I opted for an IWB holster.  This style positions the holster within the pant waist band.

Your shirt, sweater or jacket offers concealment easily.  So in my case the holster is concealed by my suit jacket instead of my dress shirt (I tuck in my shirt to keep it classy).

I do have Outside the Waist Band (OWB) holsters as well.  They tend not to conceal as well as IWB.  In my opinion, the holster profile and concealment apparel choice dictates the end result.  Often though, “printing”, the profile of your gun underneath clothes, is the result.   Printing is not what you want when you are using concealment as the advantage of surprise.

OWB Kydex vs. IWB Leather

2nd consideration – concealment carry positioning

I sit at a desk a lot (more than I want to) with the occasional stroll mixed throughout the day.  I chose the 3 o’clock position.  This holster/gun placement doesn’t impede while I’m in the sitting position.

I also prefer this position because I feel my most natural drawing motion is at the 3 o’clock.  I have tried different positions like 5 o’clock and appendix carry and have always gravitated to 3.

To me 5 o’clock is a lot of motion to get to the gun.  Some say Appendix is the most efficient position.  I personally don’t use it because of the majority of sitting I do.

Positioning is clearly a personal preference.  I do recommend training and practicing your draw from your concealed carry position.   I strongly believe in muscle memory especially under stress.  I like to keep things simple and efficient.
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What a year it has been

As New Years Eve Celebrations draw close it is time to reflect on 2013 and look forward to 2014. It has been an exciting year for the team here at The Gun Parlor.

It was a long road travelled to get to where we are. We opened in July and had a bit of a rocky start which is to be expected. Initially we had some issues with payment system during our ” soft opening “, our initial stock while modest was enough to break the bottle off the bow and get this ship out into the open waters.

Opening a Gun Shop in the Worcester was a long time goal of mine. To finally see it happen and the support that we have had from the community has justified my desire to do so. We want to be the type of shop that you tell others about. Rather than simply selling you a firearm, we want to to be a trusted resource and establish a relationship with our clients now and for the future.

After opening without having a true website and only promoting the shop on ( big shout out to the community there, you guys and girls have been very supportive) we launched the brand new in early October. Many thanks to our web guy Dan Fontaine who stepped up and designed the shop a great website that has been very successful in promoting The Gun Parlor. We have had clients in from Nantucket, New Bedford, North of Boston that have all found is via the website.

I owe a ton to my team that has grown as we have grown, my loyal clients and friends. Johnny, Jordan are here every day, working hard to assist in the running of the shop, helping clients and learning about all aspects of the shop.

As 2013 comes to a close, I look optimistically to 2014 and I am thankful for everything the second half of 2013 has provided me. From opening the shop, to getting married in October, to meeting new people and clients that have helped build my vision for The Gun Parlor. I want the Gun Parlor to be a fresh, service oriented experience for everyone who visits, a place where you tell your friends, ” you have to check this place out. ” We are knowledgeable, our prices are great and our service is better. If you haven’t visited yet, please plan on stopping by in 2014. I will be there to answer your questions and help you find the right firearm for your needs.

Lastly,  I am excited to be attending the SHOT Show in January in Las Vegas to learn about great new products and bring back some great information about what the manufacturers have in store for you in 2014 and beyond.

Wishing everyone a great and safe New Years and a prosperous 2014!


Justin Gabriel
The Gun Parlor
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Legal Carry Tips

Whether you are new to firearms or have had your LTC for years, there are often questions regarding Legal Carry Tips.

If you spend any time on looking into guns, you have likely stumbled across Hickok45. Hickok45 is the most subscribed firearms advocate on youtube with nearly 900,000 subscribers. Hickok45’s videos range from the silly, i.e. Pumpkin Hunting series, to reviews and informative videos. The quality of the video and the content is top notch.

Here are The Gun Parlor we are fans of Hickok45. As such when a discussion came up in shop regarding legal carry we advised that the client check out this video. It is part one in a series but Hickok45 makes a number of great points.]

If you have just applied or are awaiting your MA LTC and have been doing research online, I suggest watching this video. It is a great primer if you intend to carry.

We will feature other informative videos from Hickok45 in future posts here on The Gun Parlor Blog. Stay tuned!

Author: Daniel Fontaine. Learn more about Daniel on Google Plus! Dan on Google+

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Steyr M9 A1 Review

Recently our web designer Dan Fontaine came to range with us to try out some handguns. Not only is Dan our web guy but he is a Google Glass Explorer which allows him to capture some first person video of him trying out some handguns. We asked to Dan write a quick review of the Steyr M9 A1. Please bear in mind that Dan is new shooting which is great but but also means he doesn’t have a ton of background or experience with handguns to reference. That said, he was willing to go ahead and contribute to our new blog.


Previous to the visit on November 22nd, I had only been to the range one other time. My first trip I tried a Walther PPS 9MM, Gen 2 Glock 23 .40, Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 380, Smith and Wesson SDVE 9. That was my first time out so that was really just an opportunity to shoot a few guns and familiarize myself with handguns.

My second visit to Worcester Pistol and Rifle Club, Justin and I arrived at the range on a Sunday afternoon. The hope was to have me try a few handguns to see what I like and what I don’t. Justin brought a bunch of different handguns; a Glock 17 .40, Steyr M9 A1, Kahr PM9, Glock 23 .40.


Steyr M9 A1

Justin advised I start out the Steyr M9 which I did. This will also be the handgun that I will be reviewing from a new shooters perspective.

First off, I have to say that the ergonomics of the Steyr M9 A1 felt great and it fit my hand quite well. The fit and finish was smooth and the texture of the grip was not abrasive or coarse. Before loading it I pointed it down range and noticed that it had a sight like no other I had seen before. It was angled like a triangle and the site when lined up filled the gap. Immediately, I was weary of that as it was foreign to me and I didn’t feel like I could see through the site and accurately get it on target.

That all being said, I loaded it up and gave it a whirl. This is the video of the my first shots with the Steyr M9 A1;



As you see everything was a little high of the center. I feel that this issue was twofold; first off my general inexperience with handguns, that said I have fared much better with other handguns I have shot with limited experience. Second, the sight was so unique and different than any of the other handguns I have fired before that I need to acclimate to the Steyr and not handle the sight in the manner that I had with the Walther or Glock my previous visit to the Worcester Pistol and Rifle Club.

I decided to put a few more rounds in the Steyr and give it a second go of it. The second time through, I aimed a bit lower than I had the previous time and looked a bit more down the sight and trusted it rather than looking over it. Here are the results;



Here are the results;


All in all I found the Steyr M9 A1 to be a nice handgun. Like I said, the ergonomics of the Steyr are top notch. It just feels great in your hand. The sight certainly is different than others that I am used to but once I adjusted for it, I was able to get a tight grouping that was almost on target. I think that with more time with the Steyr M9 A1 I could grow to really fond of it. Priced at $425 there are certainly worse ways to spend your money on a mid sized, Range 9mm in my opinion. Be sure to give the sight the benefit of the doubt, it is a bit odd compared to Glock, Smith & Wesson, Ruger models but I think that if you give it time, you’ll find that it is quite nice.

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GUNS 007 (2)


Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm Carry and Range Kit


  • SKU:209331
  • Model:M&P9 Carry and Range Kit
  • Caliber:9mm
  • Action:Striker Fire Action
  • Barrel Length:4.25″ / 10.8 cm
  • Overall Length:7.625″ / 19.4 cm
  • Overall Height:5.5″ / 13.9 cm
  • Width:1.2″ / 3.048 cm
  • Weight (No Mag):24.0 oz. / 680.4 g
  • Front Sight:White Dot Dovetail
  • Rear Sight:Steel Low Profile Carry
  • Grip:(3) Palmswell Grip Sizes
  • Material:Frame/Polymer
    Slide/Stainless Steel
    Barrel/Stainless Steel

  • Finish:Black, 68HRc
  • Purpose:Personal Protection
    Home Protection
    Professional / Duty